Jenni Epperson gone gaga for Real Vanilla

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Thanks to Jenni Epperson (click here for blog) for her feature on our top Vanilla products! A foodie and chef-mom herself, Jenni both cooks and bakes. 

Our vanilla beans and extract are used not only in baked goods but also used by Michelin chefs around the world for their savory dishes (poultry,beef, pork etc..) to add a layer of exquisite flavor to their gastronomic masterpieces. We're glad you enjoyed The Vanilla Company's vanillas Jenni! ;-)

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Why not try them out for yourself?!

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Jenni Epperson featured the following products:

  • Gourmet Bourbon and Tahitian Vanilla Beans 

  • Gold Label 100% Tahiti Vanilla Beans 

  • Gourmet Bourbon and Tahitian Pure vanilla Extract 

  • Gold Label 100% Tahiti Pure Vanilla Extract 4-fold 

  • Bug-Off! 100% Organic Vanilla Mosquito Repellent 


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